Some relevant links & an as close as we'll get timeline for the #TSAkeys hashtag & events on Twitter.


      7/24/2009 - An article by Mr. Marc Tobias shows up online, here

      Photo from 2011:

      Sometime in the end of 2014 this article surfaces describing the TSA keys & how they are used to check (and abuse) people's luggage & privacy to search for 'illegal' contraband.

      One of the more recent photos of TSA Keys here: - The source of this photo is from a tweet originally posted by @GlobeTrotScott here. Embedded tweet below.


      @Irongeek_ADC states he'll be doing TSA lock research here

      @darksim905 posted this several times & we got the idea of possibly printing them and/or seeing if we could find the orgin of the keys. Some random tweets & minor discussions arise but nothing materializes.

      8/14/15 - @Irongeek_ADC inquires about TSA locks, the keys & others on /r/lockpicking on Reddit here. I reply with a link I quickly come across that provides information on the locks, but not much on the keys.

      8/15/2015 - @Irongeek_ADC gets passed along a document with the images of the keys scanned on a flatbed scanner along with intricate details of the millings & side shots. It appears to be a brief on the operation of the keys & proper usage. This gets passed along to @DarkSim905 as well.

      8/18/2015 - @IronGeek gets working on making a milled down key for a TSA007 lock. Relevant Reddit thread here.

      8/20/2015 - @DarkSim905 posts the album of images onto Imgur here. Reproduced below.


This Imgur album also has links to all relevant additional information.

      @Irongeek_ADC trolls Masterlock on Twitter asking for legitimate information.

      9/9/2015 - @Xylit0l posts a Github Repository of their version of the ray tracing of the TSA keys from the PDF document. Some initial back & forth with @DarkSim905 & @Irongeek_ADC about dimensions occurs.

      9/9/2015 - User MS3FGX (cohort of Lockpickers of NJ with @DarkSim905) posts stubby versions of the keys on GitHub here -- there are some reports these keys work better than the official keys.

      9/9/2015 - In the afternoon, @Bernard successfully uses the 3D printed keys to open a TSA lock

      9/9/2015 - WIRED Writer Andy Greenberg (@a_greenberg) interviews @Xylit0l & @DarkSim905 & others regarding the TSA locks & key issues. The article is located here. He even got my name spelled right ;)

      9/10/2015 - FOX 5 NY news posts a video discussion this on their website here

      9/10/2015 - Guardian article on 3D printed TSA keys

      9/10/2015 - The Register article here

      9/11/2015 - @DarkSim905 creates tshirt for lulz: Teespring Shirt

      9/11/2015 - @J0hnnyXm4as uploads new, larger versions of the original, long handled keys, tweet here.

      9/26/2015 - DerbyCon additional work done on the keys, spacing, requirements, locks, etc. See relevant tweet here. Have a backup of the images here & here

      10/01/2015 - @deviantollam & @TCGsec posted a fantastic post on the locks, security & research done so far, citing this page & myself. A massive thank you to TCGSec & Deviant Ollam. Thanks for spelling my name right, too! They offer amazing training & you should check them out! They also run our favorite site for tools, redteamtools!

      11/11/2015 - @Xylitol informed Twitter that the TSA keys are available on eBay from China - several people are investigating these keys & if they are genuine master keys or just replacement user keys, it is an amazing find. They may have issues with their status as a member though - PDF screenshot of the auction in question

      7/23/16 - @DarkSim905, @J0hnnyXm4s & @nite0wl_2600 presented a key from a different system, Safe Skies, along with a different key concept that is not currently in use. We presented this at HOPE XI. The diagram is available here. You can see the talk in the talks & appearances section.

      At this point in time we are still getting the sizing of the keys correct, but please remember: the original keys have worked for a lot of people prior to be upsized. Please fill out the form (link below) & provide as much feedback as you can. There are many TSA locks of various sizes, scale & operation, so one key size may not fit, while another will. Also note the variety of various 3D printer makes & models out there & how there are variables each person's print, design & scaling. What works for one person may not work for another. Also, please be respectful on the Github & in other mediums when dealing with other hackers/makers.

      We need help from everyone -- if you've printed any vrsion of the keys, please fill out this form with any information you can provide. We are trying to figure out which keys work properly & which don't. This is both for security & for 3D printing as a whole.

      At this point in time, Irongeek is still collecting locks & working keys/key blanks for his collection. Please contact him @Irongeek_ADC on Twitter if you can help.


      Here is a index of any appearances where we will be talking about TSA keys or any related concepts/theory or ideas at any conferences. If you believe your content should be shown here, please let me or the appropriate individuals know! It would also be greatly appreciated if you mention this site or the individuals who help you in a "Thanks" slide in your presentation!

Appearance/Talk Presenter(s) Conference
YT Link
TSA Luggage Locks: Details, Flaws & Making The Best Of A Bad Lock irongeek SkydogCon 2015
TSA Keys & Government Backdoors DarkSim905 & Deviant Ollam
LockCon 2015
Video | Slides
TSA Keys Leak: Govít Backdoors and the Dangers of Security Theater DarkSim905, J0hnnyXmas & Nite0wl HOPE XI Video | Slides (PDF) | 3D Files (STL, IGES, Solidworks)

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