Tenehawk Computer Services

      Tenehawk Computer Services was born out of a need: the students of Monmouth University needed a company or organization to provide solutions that Monmouth University's own help-desk could not provide such as system reformats, hardware installation, & security. I created the company Tenehawk Computer Services out of that need. The desire came from taking the classes IT-200 & IT-250 both with Professor William Reynolds.

      The objective of one of the classes was to create materials for a mock company. All of these materials were to be part of a portfolio to be handed in at the end of class. The materials I created all centered around Tenehawk Computer Services, a computer repair company. Along with handing in the portfolio, we were to create a mock unveiling presentation (created in power point) of our company, which can be viewed here. At the time it didn't exist. By the end of the semester, the company existed as a Limited Liability Corporation.

      We used Tenehawk as a testing ground in running a small business, educating the public on computer technology & training. We were moderately successful for a short time & would handle computer repairs, installation & configuration for individuals around the Monmouth University campus.

      Currently Tenehawk Computer Services, the relevant website, phone numbers, e-mail & services no longer exist.