CommWorks -

      CommWorks is a group of students who are committed to performance. CommWorks was founded in the Department of Communication at Monmouth University as a student organization in Spring of 2005. This was out of a need for those interested in performance, and working together as a unit in planning and the execution of performance events. You can read more about CommWorks here.

      I got involved in CommWorks in my senior year at Monmouth University. I was taking a class called Performance Theory and Practice, taught by Deanna Shoemaker. In the class we were required to three skits or pieces of work. The first one was retelling a life story or something about ourselves. The next assignment was interviewing someone and performing that interview in their likeness. The last performance piece was to be the most grand. A roughly seven minute performance where we had essentially artistic freedom to do whatever we want, within reason. I recieved an A or B on each of these performance pieces. Upon seeing my enthusiasm for performance, Professor Shoemaker suggested I join CommWorks. It was also a requirement to fulfill graduation.

      I was intimidated from the first CommWorks meeting I was at being that all the other members present at the time were female. I eventually overcame this when I realized a long time friend of mine, Michael Corsey was part of the group. Due to my technical background I became the designated lighting guy, and general technical support. I've therefore learned that lighting can make or break a scene or performance, just like in movies.

      I am still actively involved in CommWorks to this day despite graduating and maintain their website. I have taken part in the last two Poetry Slam!/Open-Mic nights that CommWorks has hosted, and enjoy every minute of it. Doing performances has been very liberating for me, allowing me to grow as a person and open up to others. On stage, you can be whoever you want to be for that fraction of time. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about joining to do so. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Deanna Shoemaker, the Program Director. My advice to anyone who is joining is to have an open mind, have fun, and support each other.

      This page is here for historic sake. Recently, Monmouth University changed the way student websites are run, and some of the files for the CommWorks site no longer exist.