On being Introverted & the feeling of failure …

It’s no secret that I’m Introverted (INTP) & am generally fond of using the MBTI indicator has a decent descriptor of my personality type – it’s usually a good overview of what to expect when interacting with someone and what their strengths & weaknesses may be.

One thing that I feel Introverted people struggle with that I’ve written about before, is discipline, consistency & the general sense of failure, despair & self-loathing when we don’t do well at these things. At the moment as I write this, I feel like this.

But the reality is, we, by the nature of existing, are not a failure. If we weren’t? We’d be rejects. We’d have committed suicide by now (to some, a cop-out on life – to others, a solution to a life of despair). A common adage that people say when they struggle with something (growing pains) is two steps forward, one step back. For someone who is introverted, this axiom is greatly exaggerated: we may feel like we are stuck while people are passing us in life, constantly comparing ourselves to others. Or, worse, that we are making strides forward, but end up three, four, or five steps back in our own mind. Many things become impossible, even if we know such isn’t reality.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. The truth is, there are people that are here to listen & help you, even if you feel hopeless, sad, or are struggling with something, no matter how minor. Keep in mind that, other people may value time a bit more than you do – if you ever feel like you find you are bothering the same individuals about the same issues (I’m sad. I’m unhappy. I need help but can’t do anything or don’t know what to do. I’m alone.) — it may be time to light a fire up under yourself & make a change: be honest with yourself.

Even these moments of honest, although they can illicit spurts of motivation, can be short-lived & may make you feel just as hopeless as when you started on a journey of change. And that’s perfectly okay. Life is full of false starts (just ask a start-up founder how many times they started over till they got something they felt was successful).

If you find that you struggle with some of these things & don’t know who to turn to, shoot me a message on Twitter. And remember, we’re in this together.