Welcome to my personal website. On this website you'll find pages that delve into the folllowing: System Administration, Information Security, DevOps, Building at Scale, along with various training resources. I am a member of several professional organizations that are very important to me:
LOPSA , TOOOL, Central NJ Infosec - I am involved in these organizations in addition to working full time. On the sidebar, you will find links to pages dedicated to these topics.

      In January 2010 I graduated from Monmouth University with a B.A in (Applied) Communication with a Certificate in Information Technology. I went this route to increase my skills as future technology professional. There are strong Introverted types in Information Technology that struggle with getting ideas across in a professional manner when communicating in a public space or discussing a high level concept in terms that C-level exectives can understand. I plan on giving on a talk about this very subject at HOPE XII in New York City -- I will be discussing the show Mr. Robot, Personality Types of Hackers & their concept of self-identification as an individual.

      Currently I work as a System Administratror in a hosting environment. The environment is unique, challenging & fun. I have a lot to learn about Linux, Red Hat, CentOS, Ansible & System Administration at scale. You can find more about that on my Sysadmin/Homelab page. Over time, I will start moving my notes over to this site & GitHub. Keep an eye on the sidebar for links to a wiki where I will do a brain dump of my knowledge that I have acquired over the years.

      When not at work, I can be found studying to learn more about Linux, System Administration, Physical Security (lockpicking), Pentesting (for Central NJ Infosec) or reading books. I'm always trying to learn new things. Once a month, I run two different meetups: TOOOL-NJ -- where I show people how to increase their physical security posture, how locks work at a basic leve & how to break them. central NJ infosec -- an Information Security meetup I started because I was sick of the lack of meetups in New Jersey on the subject of security. My dream with this particular meetup is to have a crew that I can go to conferences with & practice/learn CTFs. I plan on making use of my skills as a Sysadmin & IT Instructor ( see below ) to use in giving everyone a solid foundation in security. I have a great time running both of these meetups & get compliments & praise for both of them. This is probably the best way to meet me in person & have a good time with like-minded people. Both meetups take place in or around the Bridgewater/Somerset, New Jersey area and meet at or around the Wegmans on Rte 202, The Bridgewater Library, or a local resturant or business in the area.

      In my previous employment role, I worked as a System Administrator. I adminsitered a Windows network with some Linux. The network consistented of a global Active Directory infracture spanning five sites in three continents. The environment utilized Windows 7 clients, Exchange 2010, Server 2008R2, Server 2012 & heavy Hyper-V. You can find more about my experiences on the System Administration page, along with some of the things I've learned while attending LOPSA. At one point in time, I had a desire to become Microsoft Certified Master in Active Directory, but Microsoft no longer offers this certification. To keep up to date in technology, I follow quite a few people in the technology & security fields on Twitter, am a member & frequent attendee of LOPSA - there are local LOPSA-NJ monthly meetups. The topics vary from month to month & the focus is typically on Linux & server technologies.

      Prior to System Administration work, I worked as an IT Instructor teaching CompTIA A+, Network+ & Security+ courses at an authorized Pearson VUE & Prometric testing center. It was here that I learned how to synthesize material in easy to remember tidbits of information for people who are just getting started with Information Technology or, are retooling for a job in IT. The experience level of individuals varied from knowing nothing about computers, to being an existing System Administrator. The test center is Computer Insight Learning Center. If you're based in Central New Jersey, this is a solid testing center. Just call prior to scheduling an exam to verify the owner is open the day you wish to test. There is additional training provided there, but I would not recommend the training provided by the testing site, as it is generic SkillSoft courseware - bottom of the barrel training - I have a list of recommended & audited (e.g., I have tried the services, have borrowed someone's material, or taught it) several different training companies -- my recommendations are on my Sysadmin page.

      I previously ran my own computer repair company, Tenehawk Computer Services with Ryan Abbott. Due to working full time, I no longer work for Tenehawk Computer Services. I do however provide support and assistance on a consulting basis. My rate varies depending on the work requested. This is separate from Tenehawk Computer Services and separate from my primary job. I am available on weekends, and depending on where you are located, evenings as well.

      Other information such as work experience and the like, can be found on LinkedIn.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions you want to throw my way, or want to chat about something. I spend most of my time on Twitter -- that is probably the best way to contact me for a quick response.